Let OICE introduce you to the world of project and version management using the Versiondog software solutions.

…WHERE do I find the latest version?

…WHO changed what?

…WHY was a change made?

…WHY is the device version different from the latest version on the server?

…WHEN was the last backup performed?

The Versiondog project and version management software offers the solution.

Download the free white papers from the AUVESY website and contact us as the Thailand distributor to find out how we can help you answer these questions.

Backup / Secure Data

  • Fully safeguarded data and significant time savings
  • Regular automatic comparisons
  • Alarm when discrepancies are found
  • One backup strategy for networked and non-networked devices.

Free white paper: 7 Myths of version control & backup

Version Control

  • Standardised management of all changes to control programs
  • Analysis and traceability of changes using graphical, tabular or text-based version comparisons
  • Changes displayed clearly
  • Fast disaster recovery.

Free white paper: Audits in industrial automation


  • Integrated documentation
  • Date organised with 100% clarity and transparency
  • Complete change history
  • Audit trail reports at the click of a button

Free white paper: Version control and backups for maintenance departments