The Windows Application Publishing Solution for Independent Software Vendors.

GO-Global Align Costs

  • If a prospect wants to focus on this problem or expressed that they pay too much for their current solution this is Power Position seeks to address that.
  • Concurrent user pricing model
  • No need for CALs
  • Use features already offered in your cloud provider rather than paying double for another service that will charge for them.

GO-Global Reduce IT Efforts

  •  IT Teams are often overwhelmed with complex solutions and managing large infrastructure.
  • Simple configuration and management through our Admin Console
  • We are Cloud Agnostic – so a prospect doesn’t need to worry about changing their cloud provider or what they’re used to.
  • Support for OIDC/SSO – GO-Global is the only app publishing software that can be configured for nearly any SSO option

GO-Global Right Experience

  • End Users are used to accessing applications via the web. This has led to a bias that applications should all be quick and easy to access and use.
  • Reduce log in time to seconds compared to competitors.
  • Change GO-Global’s branding so that it’s their application that appears in front of end users.
  • Our Universal Printer Driver helps make printing easy with printers on their network.