Constant optimization of your production processes is important to ensure the best possible product quality – and ultimately the success of your company or enterprise.

Production Data Hub
The OPC Router offers automated data exchange as middleware and central communication platform by integrating systems and stand-alone solutions.

Visual Designer of Industry 4.0 Middleware

Must-Have Industry 4.0 Software
Visual configuration with exemplary monitoring and highly reliable renderings makes the OPC Router your number one choice as fast and efficient pathfinder and trusted companion for your Industry 4.0 projects.

In the graphical user interface you place the sources and destinations of your communication connections and assign the fields via drag&drop. In the status display, you can follow the data transfers live and view the values. You can find more detailed examples in the plug-in descriptions.

There are many connectivity options for your project.

The OPC Router implements the communication between various systems. The implementation is realized by “plug-ins”. Each plug-in is configured according to the special requirements of the target system. For the realization of your project, you only need to license the plug-ins you need for your application. Then connect your systems with each other and build up your industry 4.0 system integration with it. Details on the functionalities of the many plug-ins are available here.