The power and reliability of a DCS in a user-friendly, cost-effective and robust solution ideal for all process industries. Plus, a suite of best-in-class control products that can meet all your automation needs.




System 800xA’s ‘xA’ stands for Extended Automation and utilizes the Industrial IT architecture, which was built for collaboration in a fully redundant, reliable environment. It provides connectivity to all seven ABB DCS systems, 3rd party DCS and PLC systems, as well as other ABB and 3rd party plant systems and applications. In addition, System 800xA’s integration capabilities extend from Process Automation to Power Automation and Safety for highest operator effectiveness and optimized control.


System 800xA Engineering provides real-time information integration for better and faster access. Working within a common engineering environment, 800xA Engineering supports a consistent information flow from design, through installation and commissioning, to operation and maintenance. It lays the foundation for continuous improvements in lifecycle and operation dimensions of information flow, resulting in efficient engineering and enhanced productivity.

ABB System 800xA Datasheet Download

Compact 800 M


Challenging business goals require a flexible and powerful process PLC. Compact 800 is a range of simple and cost-effective control products that fulfill such a need. Working individually or in combination, they help you control a broad spectrum of industrial processing applications. AC 800M Process PLC is a key component of the Compact 800 family.

Datasheet – Compact 800 M

AC 900F


Following years of experience in automation and control products, ABB is proud to introduce its latest Freelance controller – the AC 900F. This controller truly extends the hardware portfolio of Freelance distributed control system. Apart from its highly sophisticated automation functions, the AC 900F modular controller offers expanded flexibility via a pluggable SD card, more Ethernet ports, redundancy options for high availability and power for around 1,500 I/Os. It is G3 compliant, by default, to withstand harsh environments.

Datasheet – AC 900F

AC 800F


The AC 800F controller distributes process and diagnostic data from four fieldbus gateways. If required, it can also work with various fieldbus types – and this is, of course, in addition to the usual tasks of a “conventional” controller. Thanks to its compact and sturdy design, the AC 800F is suitable both for installation in the control room and for use in junction boxes directly in the field.

Datasheet – AC 800F

AC 700F


The AC 700F controller, as a member of Freelance, is a PLC-like controller with numerous advantages over a PLC based solution: The distributed control system simplifies engineering, commissioning, and maintenance of the automation system. Visualization is directly incorporated into the engineering, making configuration particularly straightforward. Plant components can be implemented cost effectively by using AC 700F.

Datasheet – AC 700F