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GE Automation & Controls believes that the future of industrial automation is in the same collaborative technologies and interactive communities that empower our personal lives. Proven connectivity protocols and cloud-based collaborative environments are tools that can give companies of all sizes a major competitive advantage.

PLCs, PACs & I/O Modules

PACSystems™ RXi


GE Automation & Controls has leveraged its rich experience in embedded computing and control technology in the design of the innovative PACSystems RXi controller platform. The RXi Controller incorporates leading-edge CPU technology, the market leading industrial Ethernet network technology,and a unique user interface for maintaining the controller to deliver a control system unique in the industry.

Datasheet – PACSystems RXi Controller 

PACSystems™ RX3i


The RX3i rack-based I/O provides high-performance I/O capability for a wide range of applications such as mission critical, process and discrete manufacturing. Key benefits of the RX3i are the advanced I/O modules, hot swap, redundant power supplies and advanced diagnostics.

Datasheet – PACSystems RX3i Controller 

PAC8000 I/O


PAC8000 Process I/O is designed for demanding industrial processes. For applications that are corrosive or explosive, have extremes of temperature or are subject to shock and vibration, PAC8000 I/O is the ideal solution. SIL 2 SafetyNet I/O is also available with the same environmental capability.

Datasheet – PAC8000 I/O  Controller 

VersaMax I/O


The VersaMax I/O is a modular design to address a wide range of discrete and process applications. VersaMax provides redundant power supplies, hot swap, copper and fiber interface with MRP support.

Datasheet – VersaMax Controller 

Series90™ – 70 PLCs


GE Fanuc’s Series 90-70 PLC provides a comprehensive solution that is equal to the most demanding applications. With our CPX family of CPUs, the Series 90-70 offers more for your automation dollar–more computing power, more memory for your applications, and more communications and redundancy capabilities.

Datasheet – 90-70 Controller 

Series 90* – 30 PLCs


GE Automation & Controls Series 90*-30 PLCs is a family of controllers, I/O systems and specialty modules designed to meet the demand for versatile industrial solutions — helping businesses gain a sustainable advantage. With its single overall control architecture, the Series 90-30 has been the PLC of record in over 200,000 applications.

Datasheet – 90-30 Controller 

VersaMax Micro/Nano


The small-footprint VersaMax Micro PLC offers the flexibility of modular design and a variety of built-in features, including up to 64 I/O points (expandable to 170 I/O points), fast cycle times, a robust instruction set and extensive memory that multiplies your programming options.

Datasheet – Micro/Nano

Field Agent


Introducing the next layer in GE’s Industrial Internet systems solution. GE’s Field Agent technology is the critical link required in an IIoT chain for cloud-enabled analytics. Field Agents provide a rugged, pre-configured solution for secure data collection and conveyance from the machine.

Datasheet – Field Agent



QuickPanel+ supports 5 IEC 61131-3 programming languages: Ladder Diagram (LD), Sequential Function Chart (SFC), Structured Text (ST), Instruction List (IL), and Function Block Diagram (FBD). The operator can select multi- language support when the system is online. Configuration is easy – a common database reduces development time by eliminating the need to re-enter tag names, and an extensive library of pre-configured animation objects is provided.

Datasheet – Quickpanel+